clipper series

With it’s remarkable and exclusive design,

the Clipper is cut from the finest cloth to achieve it’s sole mission, remote at home production.

26 Ft mobile REMI trailer. It’s primary usage is in remote at home productions for sporting events. It serves as a hub to receive every camera, communications and audio feeds and retransmit them to the broadcaster HQ, where all the actual directing, switching and audio mixing is made. So instead of sending a very large production team on the field, you keep the majority of them at the broadcaster HQ, and you operate the event on the field with a minimal crew of cameramen, audio operators and technical staff in the trailer. It can fit up to 6 crew members, is outfitted with a satellite dish and standard remote production equipments.

- See standard equipment list.




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Clipper Series

CLIPPER series

26 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer



Fiber-based trailer linking system

Tech Specs


Technical Specifications