corsair series

Powerful, Compact, Efficient, Fast.

Don’t get fooled by it’s cute looks, the CORSAIR’s hides a reliable and impressive set of tools below it’s deck. This little guy packs some serious punch!

26 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer, can fit up to 12 cameras (various models), sits up to 10 crew, perfect for small to mid-sized productions. It’s short body and lightweight stance (less than 10 000lbs.) makes it easy to tow especially in narrow and crowded streets downtown. It also takes only two city parking spaces. The Corsair, like all of our other models is environmentally friendly. With its low energy consumption system you can power up the entire trailer on a 60 Amp supply source. In the event of a power outage, the battery backup system gives the Corsair an additional 20 minutes of power to save your recording session and properly shut the trailer down.

- See standard equipment list.




Galleon Series

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39.5 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer

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Corsair Series

CORSAIR series

26 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer

Clipper Series

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26 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer



Fiber-based trailer linking system

Tech Specs


Technical Specifications