galleon series

The GALLEON is the perfect vessel for the boldest captains.

The flagship of our fleet delivers outstanding production firepower on all fronts, a spacious, ultra-comfortable and completely modular work environment and a highly versatile arsenal of equipments and gears.

The Galleon is basically the super sized version of the Corsair. It’s larger frame allows for more versatility and optional gears and equipments. The Galleon is a 39.5 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer that can fit up to 12 cameras (various models). It sits up to 15 crew members and is ideal for mid-size to large scale productions. It’s fifth-wheel pivot base makes it smooth and easier to manoeuvre around town and for long distance travel. The extra working space allows us to add a second graphics station, a replay station, 2 CCU shading stations, a satellite dish, a large storage room in the front and a second row in the production suite for additional crew members.

- See standard equipment list.

Topview horizontal

Front horizontal

Back horizontal

Topview standard

Front standard

Back standard

Galleon Series

GALLEON series

39.5 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer

Cruiser series

CRUISER series

39.5 Ft mobile production office

Corsair Series

CORSAIR series

26 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer

Clipper Series

CLIPPER series

26 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer



Fiber-based trailer linking system

Tech Specs


Technical Specifications