The ultimate weapon,

boost up your production outputs by deploying this single fiber linking system between any REC4BOX trailers and unleash the overwhelming fury of your armada.

With all those various sizes and productions trailer capabilities, we wanted to be able to give even more power and possibilities to the production teams. So we developed a fiber-based trailer linking system using the Riedel MicroN MediorNet system. With a single cable system, all signals from two production trailers are connected together to form much larger “virtual productions spaces”. All signals are able to be switched from the master trailer and all the major system components: audio/video router, intercom, and audio mixing desk – are aggregated into a larger distributed framework. If you need more I/O for a particular event – no problem: simply add it to either trailer and link them up. The oB-LINK transforms the 64x64 Artist intercom into a 128x128 – the Studer Vista mixing console from 128x128 to a 256x256. All signals aggregate to the sum of the linked vehicles’ signals. So now you be able to tackle any types productions.

Galleon Series

GALLEON series

39.5 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer

Cruiser series

CRUISER series

39.5 Ft mobile production office

Corsair Series

CORSAIR series

26 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer

Clipper Series

CLIPPER series

26 Ft mobile broadcasting trailer



Fiber-based trailer linking system

Tech Specs


Technical Specifications